Saturday, April 21, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

I am by nature a reflective and serious kind of person, until my sense of humor saves me from being too boring. After consulting with my compadres, we have decided to serve up an entree of serious with a side of fun. Hmmm, or was that fun with a side of serious. I had better go back and check out Teamview 7 chatlog. And the fast-n-furious emails I constantly send out with just another idea or suggestion. Sometimes I hit send and smile, wondering if my comprades look at the sender and think, "If I just delete it, I can pretend I never saw it. I mean, really, have you any idea of the number of emails that shoot out in cyberspace and never reach their destination." One thing I love about the Psychotic Salmon Berzerkers, they show up when they are supposed to ready and handy with the technology. How can our project go wrong?

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