Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final PLN Report

As EDM310 winds down, I am gearing up. I love this project. And will be using it regularly to keep myself up to date on the latest in e-tech teaching. For those of you who are at that point and interested, I included a "Jobs for Teachers" site. I am not opposed to working outside Alabama. I have included history teacher blogs, interactive history lesson plans, and a link no history teacher would be without, The History Channel. I used up my space! I need more tiles!

1 comment:

  1. Nice PLN, Terri!

    I, too, ran out of space. Plus I really wanted a little more wiggle room to start out. I played with it a while and figured out how to make my available space grow. You can also get rid of all the blackness and choose softer colors. I like the blues and have made my tiles NOT see thru. Now all my unused tiles are white, opaque and surrounded by a soft blue hue. To me this is user friendly! And now my colors...pop!

    You can 'edit webmix' from the top left corner and arrows will appear on the sides and bottom. You can click them and extra rows will appear!! I have added two rows to the left and right. Now I have the sites I check everyday all in one place with more than enough breathing room. This is not what you will see from my EDM310 blog. That is the boring version. I continue to play with it, move things around and add more tiles weekly.

    Good luck 'growing' your PLN! See you around.

    Laura Holifield