Wednesday, April 25, 2012

C4T 4

I was delightfully surprised to find my teacher blog was Elsanor Elementary School in Baldwin County. I have had the privilege of subbing there a few times. It is a small school off the main drag. However, do not let that fool you. This school has plenty of technology to crow about! The first video I watched was Art in Motion-Hippie Man. That was so cute, I just had to go on and watch the how-they-did-that video. The amazing thing to me was out of chaos art! Securing an ipad above a work station, the students filmed themselves creating the art project, edited it well, and threw in music. Think they will be content to sit in a class by the 9th grade for honors history and listen to yours truly drone on! No way, and thanks to EDM310, they are not going to be sitting. They are going to be creating history with history.

Earlier in the school year, Elsanor students had traveled to the Mobile Museum of Art. They studied collages, and decided to do one themselves. Again, Martha Yim broke out the ipad, and the students gathered around a table. The best part of this video is the animation they added. All I will say is a man, a horse, and a bug. Go see!

That is not all going on at Elsanor. Here's what a fifth grader did. His artwork got published in Imagining the Ocean: Art Mixes Well with Marine Science.

Bottom line: This kind of creativity at this age must never be allowed to atrophy once they get to middle/high school. We as educators at that level must be prepared to teach them in a wonderfully new way, utilizing the talents they will already have, and let them raise the bar.

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