Saturday, April 21, 2012

C4K Summary for April

Taylor in Vermont was my World Blog Challenge C4K blogger. She is great, writing a new entry each week, adding photos, and links as she goes along, much like I did with EDM310. Although her entries are short, each one focused on a specific topic. The first entry I responded to was about her home state of Vermont. She talked about the cold winters, the wet springs, the hot summers, and Lake Champlain. And, oh yes, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I told her a little about hot southern Alabama, and living near the Gulf of Mexico. My favorite Ben-n-Jerry's is Super New York Fudge Chunk. I asked her what was hers.

Next, Taylor wrote about her family. She has 10 brothers and sisters, but only one brother and one sister share her parents. I told her I have a brother and sister too from my parents, and four stepsisters with four stepbrothers! Her favorite subject is language arts. Mine is history.

Taylor expressed strong feelings about smoking. She added a photo to this entry, reciting some facts about the negative health issues. It felt great being able to share with her that I have never smoked. Interesting map on smoking populations.

My last C4K post was about Skype connection between Room 6 in New Zealand with students in the U.S. Room 6 prepared and sang a hello song for their fellow Skypers. Then they made an iMovie of the interview with the Beatles' Come Together playing in the background.

I am going to miss doing this assignment every week. Conversing with younger students has helped me to "see" how their education world is expanding exponentially, and how much they enjoy it. If we as teachers do not keep up, they will leave us in the dust!

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