Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prezi Project 9b


  1. Great job, Terri! The overall layout looks fantastic. I think more pictures would have been good - but overall, well done.

  2. I did a Prezi for my 9b project and I agree I was concerned with my results. Dr. Strange is right, the effort is what counts. I watched your Prezi and I think you made a great effort. The project adheres to your central theme. It is simplistic and straight to the point. The project instructs, which is what Dr. Strange asked of us for this project. The only additions you may want to make in the future is more content and really exaggerate the designs on you Prezi. You can do a lot of interesting adaptions with a Prezi. Thank you for your post and I am excited to see where your Prezi projects will go from here.


    Jason Lynch
    EDM310 MW4

  3. Hey Terri,
    Great job! I really like how the text moves in and out. I think adding some more pictures would really kick it up a notch. Kudos to you for trying a different approach. I used the Time Toast since I was already familiar with it. You made the effort to learn how to use another tool.

  4. Hey Terri!

    I must say that I have been using Prezi for a while now. In fact, during my method courses, I used a Prezi for my first lesson EVER in front of real high school students! I am so glad I chose to use it, because so many students today are used to the same old PowerPoint presentation. Just throwing something new and different at them caught their attention, and they WANTED to pay attention!

    I think you did a great job with this! I believe if you keep using Prezi, you will learn more and more about how you want it to look for students you might be teaching. One thing to remember is this can turn into something just like PowerPoint if it isn't used in the proper manner. But, I think with practice, you will do great!

    I saw your Facebook exchange with Dr. Strange. I think it is great that you are excited about something you've learned. So many teachers today are in the classroom and they are not excited about teaching! How can they be a "good" teacher when they aren't excited about teaching our future? The Prezi is just one of the new and exciting tools that is out there for us in EDM to explore and utilize in the classroom. Keep exploring!

    I have some questions for you: How do you think a group of students would react to seeing something like this for the first time in a classroom? Thinking back to your days in school, how do you think you would respond to seeing something like this? Finally, How do you think a group of students would feel about learning if they had the chance to create their own Prezi and show it off in class?

    Again, great job!

    Stephen Akins

  5. Great job Terri! I think that turned out way more interesting than the TimeToast timelines do! I actually search for other timeline software that I could make a creative activity with!

  6. Great job Terri!I like that you took it upon your self to make an interesting timeline considering we did have a choice between the two. If you would add more pictures it would be awesome. Good luck with the rest!

  7. Thanks for sharing this Terri. I too was considering trying this tool as my project, but am worried about the end result. I now -with your help- am looking forward to trying something new. After all, that is what this class is all about and I, or should I say WE, should all be trying something new each week. I agree that each time we use it, the better we will become so my anxiety about how well I do or do not do with this is gone. My student loan debt is growing with each semester and I want to get my money's worth. I want to be an effective educator and this can definitely help. I agree with Stephen, the more interesting the better the outcome for learning. -Thanks!

  8. Hi Terri!
    This looks great. I am thinking about doing a Prezi myself. I am not totally sure though. Your presentation was great, and I think you did a fantastic job. I am glad you are excited about what you have done and accompished. Keep up the great work!
    Jessica Scarpa

  9. Hi Terri, I think that you did an incredible job on your first Prezi. We are sometimes frighten by new things, but how else are we supposed to master the skills if we don't try. Believe or not your presentation will help others consider using Prezi as a first choice as well. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Terri,
    It isn't always easy to try things that you aren't familiar with, so that's the first step! I agree that a little more color or pictures would've made it even better, but you did a great job!!

  11. Hi Terri! It is always a challenge to try something new and then put it out there for the world to see. I think you not only accomplished using Prezi effectively, but also gained confidence in your abilities. Take a look at all of the wonderful feedback you have received! You have even inspired me to give it a try and that is what learning is all about.

  12. Hi Terri,
    Your braver than I, because I did not even try Prezi. Overall, I thought you made a great presentation. I decided to use Timetoast for my presentation, because my brain tends to picture information better in a timeline format. However, the thing I liked most about Timetoast was that I was able to add links within the timeline. Does Prezi allow you to do that?

    To answer your question, the Enterprise was never meant to go into space. I was built as a prototype, with no engines or heat shield. My father worked as an engineer on the International Space Station. He used to tell my brother and I stories about NASA and the space program when we were young.

  13. Hey Terri
    Great Job, I have not used Prezi yet. You did a great job. You might want to use more pictures next time, but other than that I enjoyed it.

  14. Great Job Teri! It's amazing what a little faith can do. You tried something new and now have more wisdom in Prezi's! We as future teachers should never be afraid to try or fail, it comes with success. Thanks again for setting the bar for your peers!

  15. Hey Terri! Great job! I haven't tried to use Prezi yet, but after watching yours, I want to explore it and see what its all about.

  16. Hi Terri, Great job! Thanks for sharing your Prezi. Honestly, I did the timetoast because I was apprehensive of how my end product would look. I have decided to practice with the Prezi after seeing yours. Your Prezi looks great, especially for a first time.

  17. G'day Terri,

    I am the organizer of the student blogging challenge and many of the students and teachers are using some Web2.0 tools for the first time in their life.

    But as Dr Strange said, the fact you wanted to try something new when you had a choice, means you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone and try.

    I have only created a couple of Prezi and I think you can add video links as well as images. The more you use a new tool, the easier it becomes.

    PS Not everyone has a Google account so some people might need Name/URL as an option if they want to leave a comment.