Wednesday, March 28, 2012

C4K Summary for March

Mrs. Stone posted a challenge at Will your writing be the first Miriam Lord Gem to encourage her New Zealander students to write a Miriam Lord Gem which is a 100-word blogging entry. Mrs. Skinner will be choosing the gems each week, which will then be showcased and celebrated by the entire school. Not only did the writing have to be interesting, but they had to "stretch" the "learning muscles." Since this was the clarion call, I perused some of the entries. Awaba 6DY's caught my eye probably because I am a big fan of Greek Mythology. Although the grammar and spellings are a bit off, the storyline is true, if of course you believe in the Greek gods.

The god Zues was angry with the people because Prometheus gave them the gift of fire. Zues decided to punish them,he told the gods to help him make a special women. The gods had to say yes Zues was the most powerful god ever. Finally they finished,the women was beatiful,clever although she did have a secret which Zues would never tell. Zues gave the women to Empimetheus,who was Prometheus’s brother,Empimetheus loved her so much that he forgot about his brother. Prometheus told Empimetheus never to accept gifts from gods. Zues told Empimetheus her name was Pandora. Pandora screamed the weather changed for the worst.

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